What is the MVMNT? We believe we are living in a pivotal moment in time for South Africa. God is calling His people to PRAY – we believe it is possible to see a MVMNT of 24/7 prayer sweep across our nation. Our goal is not only to see churches and individuals mobilized for prayer but to also be a training platform to teach people how to pray “So that the lamb might receive the reward of His suffering…” Are you in?

Why and How We Pray

Why do we pray? Because we, as Christians, are in relationship with a God who longs for His people to ask what is on His heart and pray it back to Him. How do we do this? We have the Bible! We believe that God speaks to us through His word – it’s living and active!

Hope against all Hope

What is hope? It’s more than just optimism or wishful thinking. Hope is more than a concept. HOPE is a man and His name is JESUS! We have a mandate as believers to hold onto this Hope that is Jesus as we unite together in prayer!

The Kingdom of God is Like…

As we seek the Kingdom of God we quickly find that it is quite “upside-down” from our earthly understanding of how a kingdom functions. Let’s take a deeper look at what Luke says about the Kingdom of God and what it is truly like so we can pray “let Your Kingdom come” from that understanding.


The Lord invites us to come to a place where we can wholeheartedly worship Him among the battle. With Christ in us, we have been given the inheritance of Him who helps us overcome any trial we might face.